Tuesday , September 25 2018

Northants & Hunts 2024 Charity Festival launched.

Every Mason within Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire should have by now received a communication via E-Mail from WBro G.Crawford PAGDC

If you have not received it then please see below the e-mail that was sent and also links to a couple of documents that you will find of interest.

I am sure you will support all of our Lodges to reach their individual targets that have been set by PGL.

Look out for some fantastic events coming over the next few years. 

Don’t forget , if you have an idea for an event then please contact your Lodge Charity Steward to discuss. 

Dear Brother

I am sending you this email as you are a member of at least one Craft Lodge in the Masonic Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire. 

It is to give you more information about our 2024 MCF Festival and includes




In the first instance, please consult your Lodge Charity Steward with any queries.

Sincerely and Fraternally

Gerry Crawford

07802 696104


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