Monday , November 11 2019

Inaugural meeting of the Northants & Hunts Light Blues

More than 40 Freemasons from around the Northants & Hunts Province came together at the Corby Masonic Complex in the inaugural meeting for the proposed Light Blue Club.

It was great to see masons coming to the meeting not only from the Corby and Kettering lodges but also a number travelling in from Wellingborough,  Thrapston, Northampton and Ramsey.

WBro Mark Constant and WBro Steve Burton gave an excellent presentation which outlined the identity of this initiative and to describe how other Light Blues clubs around the UK worked. 

Each club meeting will be a social occasion and events will be held in order to develop friendships and networks across the province and include wives, partners and families.

One of the slides gives a very succinct description of what a Light Blue Club is all about :-

  • Activities mostly take part away from the Masonic Premises.
  • Activities are not necessarily masonic in nature.
  • 50% or more of activities include wife’s, partners and friends interested in joining.
  • 25% or more of activities include Families.

The full presentation is available here —-> Light blues Feb 19 Presentation

and it is worth spending a few minutes looking through it.

Watch this space for news on upcoming events.


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