Monday , November 11 2019

Are you a frustrated Thespian who is also a Master Mason ?

This is your opportunity to join the Famous Bunch of Thespians known as:

The George and Dragon Players 

AKA The Demonstration Team for the Masonic Province of  Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire. 

Enjoy fun evenings with Historical Freemasonry  while ‘Advancing your ‘Daily Knowledge’. 

When you join this happy band of frustrated thespians you will discover the enjoyment of  explaining, in action rather than words, the evolutionary manner in which our lovely Organisation has Developed over the years.

This offer is open to all Freemasons from the newest Master Mason to the Grand Master himself.  

See the poster here for more details

Click here to find out more

If you are interested please contact 

W. Bro. Colin Allanson 01536  396497

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